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Mak Mil Yung, Design Director

Architect Mil Yung graduated in 2001 from the prestigious RMIT University in Melbourne. From 2001 to 2004, she went on to train with industry masters all over the world: from working stints in Melbourne as a builder’s assistant, to garnering experience at Edward Suzuki Architects in Tokyo and SCDA Architect Singapore.

On returning to Kuala Lumpur, she began working for several of Malaysia’s most renowned architecture firms and property developers, including Hijjas Kasturi and Associates.

In bringing her unique qualities and experience to the table, Mil understands the value of product uniqueness and what is best for her clients. Because of her trained eye for details and the best materials to realize her clients’ needs in building or styling their homes or projects, MIL Design and Construction clients can be assured that their visions will be fulfilled. From her acute sense in selecting furnitures and lightings right down to rugs and artwork, Mil ensures the exquisiteness of each project.

Mil cites renowned Australian architect, Kerry Hill, well-known for his designs of hotels in Asia, as a great influence in her work. She also draws inspiration from resort living and combines a metropolitan style in her design with a touch of warmth.

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Edward Lye, Project Director

Edward Lye is the Project Director for MIL Design and Construction. A graduate in commerce from Murdoch University, Perth, Australia, he handles all aspects of the company's project management, material sourcing and coordination with specialists' consultation or tradeworks.

Edward has been working in construction and project management since 2003. With his vast experience in the industry, clients can be ensured that all projects handled by MIL Design and Construction, will be delivered within a timely period and good quality.

One area of Edward’s expertise is in advising clients on how one adds value to their property through the right specification of materials and the right methodologies. For instance, by adding bungalow features and well-thought out lifestyle spaces to one’s basic home, the valuation of the home increases exponentially. He cites Geoffrey Bawa, a Sri Lankan architect - the principal force behind "tropical modernism", a category of architecture based on localized needs and construction materials, as his greatest inspiration.