Founded in 2010, MIL Design and Construction Sdn Bhd is one of Malaysia’s leading architecture and design firms. Offering a full suite of consultancy services, our boutique design studio is dedicated to thoughtful designs and strives to bring a unique conceptual approach to every project we complete. We work closely with their clients to uncover their ideal environment and invite them to join us in an all-encompassing experience from concept design right through to site execution.Our design philosophy is simple. Your vision, your needs.


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Mak Mil Yung, Design Director

An internationally acclaimed interior architect with an exceptional eye for detail, Mil Yung has trained with industry masters from all over the world including SCDA Architects Singapore, Edward Suzuki Tokyo & Hijjas Kasturi Malaysia

After graduating in 2001 from the prestigious RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, Mil spent many years refining her unique style and developing the unique aesthetic for which she is known for today.

Mil draws inspiration from modern luxury living and working environments, combining a metropolitan style with a touch of warmth. Mil utlises her acute sense of style and her in-depth design knowledge to create beautiful residential and commercial spaces that stand the test of time.

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Edward Lye, Project Director

An expert property manager with extensive experience in all areas of construction, Edward Lye oversees a variety of crucial components that ensure all MIL Design & Construction projects are completed to the highest standard.

With qualifications in Commerce from Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, Edward’s specialist knowledge enables him to advise clients on the most efficient ways to add value to their property through the best specification of materials and the right methodologies, and his expertise in specialised trades supports him to execute a series of unique design details.

Edward cites tropical modernism as a major source of inspiration and is a passionate advocate for innovative architecture that meets the individual needs of the local environment.

At MIL Design, we continue to push boundries
by integrating design, technology and lifestyle.
We understand the future of spaces empower
people to create, to connect and to live.

Whether it be a residential or a commercial
design, we at MIL Design know that our clients
want to do something different - and we're
passionate about working with them to create
spaces that truly reflect their personality and
brand, placing them at the centre of all that we do.

Our aim is to create and rejuvenete lifestyle spaces
that exude uniqueness and originality.We strive to
create spaces with style and sophistication and we
pride ourselves on our high level of detailing and
quality finishes while ensuring budgets area met.

Mak Mil Yung+Edward,