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Do you want to build your own home from the ground up? Or do you have an existing home that needs a facelift? MIL Designs And Construction can do both. We believe in being completely hands-on as we assess your plot of land or current home. From there, we align your ideas and budget with what is possible, then draw up a scope of work, desired schedule, and assess feasibility.


|| Defining your lifestyle concept & project branding

We start our design work by helping you define your branding or for home owners, your goals - basically, your list of requirements. Doing this will help you fine tune the vision you have for your home or project.

|| Assessing feasibility

A feasibility study is necessary to explore how likely a project is to succeed by asking questions like: Will the city or condominium management allow what we want to do? Does the proposed project respect the architecture of your existing home? It's usually wise to look into the financial,legal, structural and architectural & interior aspects of the project before we start.

|| Doing the drawings

Beginning with Schematic drawings to first define your home’s layout and scale in broad strokes, we aim to satisfy your project within your budget. From there we move to the more unified plan based on actual floor plans and some basic elevations. We also work with 3D drawings drawn to scale to enhance visualisation for our clients.

|| Design development & sign-off

We take the schematic design of your choice and develop it into fully articulated drawings, where we finalize materials, finishes right down to bathroom fittings and color schemes. We have our panel of specialist technical consultants with whom we will liase and incorporate their input when required. For large scaled projects this includes the M&E engineer, Structural engineer, acoustic specialist, lighting consultant and pool specialist.

|| Cost estimate

We draw from our chosen and trusted suppliers and specialists to ensure we get the most bang from your buck. We assemble all of the numbers into a Construction Preliminary Cost Estimate for your project.

|| Site implementation

We are registered as a Builder with the construction board of Malaysia (CIDB). As a design & build company we take care of the project from a-to-z covering from design conceptualizing right down to construction of the project. As a one-point collaboration to home owners this saves time and cost and ensures that your home is delivered to you within the signed-off cost and quality, with almost no surprises nor shortchanging of materials.

|| Selection of furniture and finishes

We have profound knowledge and experience in selecting what is trending or most appropriate for your home, from furniture pieces, decoration accessories and light fittings which range from local brands to International ones. With our strong pool of lights and furniture suppliers and resources we advise you accordingly, ensuring selections made are within budget and aligning with the concept.

Our in-house material library carries the latest tile samples, paint chips and timber veneer samples to provide you the real touch and feel for your home.

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