MIL Sekinchan Residential living room


Do you want to build your own home from the ground up? Or do you have an existing home that needs a facelift? MIL Designs And Construction can do both. We believe in being completely hands-on as we assess your plot of land or current home. From there, we align your ideas and budget with what is possible, then draw up a scope of work, desired schedule, and assess feasibility.


|| Defining your lifestyle concept & project branding

We start our design work by helping you define your branding or for home owners, your goals - basically, your list of requirements. Doing this will help you fine tune the vision you have for your home or project.

|| Assessing feasibility

We assess the feasibility of your project and ensure that it is viable in terms of the financial, legal, structural, architectural and interior aspects.

|| Doing the drawings

We create schematic drawings to define your home’s layout before and work with 3D drawings to enhance visualisation throughout the process.

|| Design development & sign-off

We help you decide on the design and the finer details such as the materials, finishes, colour schemes, fabric selection and more.

|| Cost estimate

With access to the highest quality materials for the best price, we collate all figures into a comprehensive cost estimate.

|| Site implementation

As a registered CIDB builder we offer clients a one-point collaboration to ensure your home is delivered to you within the signed-off cost and quality.

|| Selection of furniture and finishes

Our strong pool of suppliers, in-house material library& in-house fabrication allows us to advise clients on the best local and international options to match their budget and brief.

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