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A Day with Tan Sri Zeti- former Bank Negara Governor

A Day with Former Bank Negara Governor Tan Sti Zeti

Meeting Tan Sri Zeti today wasn’t just inspirational but also enlightening! The former Bank Negara governor, known for her sharp mind and meticulous nature, walked into the modest office of MIL Design today. Instead of a swanky boardroom setting, we were surrounded by drawings and piles of fabric and materials – a testament to the raw and real world of design.

Our meeting’s agenda? 

Nothing less than an intensive four hour design discussion that spanned everything from colors to intricate interior details.

As we moved from one room to another of the project, Tan sri’s attention to detail was awe-inspiring. Her questions weren’t just inquiries; they were insightful probes that showed her depth understanding and appreciation for detail. 

We began by discussing color schemes.

She didn’t just look at things; she observed them - distinguishing between different hues of whites. I think this seemingly small preference speaks volumes about her character – understated yet impactful.

By the way the greige color ( a combi of grey and beige) that we proposed got her nod of approval.

Then came the finer details—the subtle elements that are easy to miss at first glance yet add depth when noticed. From choosing 4 inch vs 6 inch linings every detail mattered to Tan Sri Zeti. It wasn’t about nitpicking but rather understanding how even seemingly insignificant aspects can significantly impact overall perception

We then shifted towards more practical aspects such as lightings and storage spaces – elements that are crucial for functionality yet often overlooked during planning stages. It was enlightening to see Tan Sri’s perspective on these matters given her rich background outside of design.

Spending time with Tan Sri Zeti reminded me once again why attention-to-detail matters so much—in designs and life alike—and rekindled my appreciation for those who understand its value.

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