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Construction, Renovation & Design Services Malaysia

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Define Lifestyle or Project Branding

On commencement of work we define all client's brief and wish list.

This is when we will need to fully understand the client's lifestyle requirements from their dreams, needs, personal collection, hobbies to Fengshui requirements of each of their family member.

The aim is to achieve the right aesthetics, function, 'vibes' of the place, done through participatory & collaborative relationship with the client.

For commercial spaces, this encompasses branding as we believe this is an important first step to fine tuning the shared vision for the project.

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Design Development, Technical & Cost Sign-off

We then take the schematic design of your choice and refine the internal layouts and specify key finishes and materials for floors, walls, cabinetry furnitures while defining lighting concepts, M&E requirements, kitchen requirements, storage needs
This includes coordination with structural engineers or even acoustic specialists, if necessary, for projects which require 3rd party consultant’s input
We also look at outdoor hardscape designs such as outdoor decks, patios and terraces designs
Prelim cost estimate will be presented and reviewed with the client. We will work on value engineering to the designs or review alternative specs whenever necessary. As this stage the aim is to finalize the details in the scheme, agree timings and sign off the budget 

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Acessing Feasibility

We consider the financial, legal, M&E, structural & architectural and interior aspects of the project.

This is where we do prelim site recce, review your wish list, study the restrictions and feasibility of the Brief vs. the actual site.

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Mobilisation & Site Implementation

With all the details signed-off we will review the designs and site with our team carpenters, tradesmen and specialists to advise on any specialist elements of the project. 
Site measurements will be taken for procurement of materials and fabrication of works at our workshops
We will commence site and manage site closely with a walk-through with the client to update progress every week to achieve successful implementation of our design within time and cost.
At a stage nearing completion we will do a Pre-handover Inspection with the client with a walk-through at site. This will assist Client to capture any possible quality issues at site and enable us to resolve them in a timely manner.

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Concept & Schematic Drawings

Schematic design is  the beginning of the creative process.

We ensure parties share the same vision for the final outcome by defining mood boards and lifestyle programs. we will incorporate your living or work program, lifestyles requirements and even feng shui requirements into the design.

once the mood board is firmed up, we will begin developing architectural layout drawings to accurate scales for your new property as we begin to investigate design styles, finishes and functions.

3D drawings to scale are utilized to enhance accurate visualization.

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Site Hand-over

Site Handover inspection is the final step towards successfully handing the completed property back to the client.

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