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Our Process

At MIL Design we serve as both the designer and the contractor 2in1 for design and built projects, ensuring strong collaboration across all stages of the design and build. The aim is to achieve the right aesthetics, functions, ‘vibes’ of the place and even down to the finer details such as fengshui requirements.

Through a participatory and collaborative relationship with the Client we work to understand expectations work towards achieving the final dream project.

Schedule a Chat

A 1-hour design feasibility consultation with our founders Mil or Edward. This can be done through VC online or in person at our office.

Let's Get Started

Signing of Design Contract to appoint us. Once appointed we will kick off with a 2-hour on-boarding design consultation meeting to finalize the client’s lifestyle concepts, preferred moods or styles, and any detailed requirements.

This is when we will need to fully understand the client’s lifestyle requirements from their dreams, needs, personal collections, hobbies, to fengshui requirements of each of their family member.

Design Meetings

On-going design meetings and design dialogues continue with the client where we will work on finalizing the concept, layout drawings and 3D renders for signoff

This is referred as Design Stage which normally takes 5 weeks

Specs & Cost Review


Final selection of the material selections, finishes, color codes

Costing review

This is also when we value engineer the designs by going back to the drawing board to finetune drawings in order to achieve a design and cost balance for the client’s sign-off


Construction Contract Signed

Signing of Construction Cost Contract



We execute fabrication detail plans and start material ordering. We review our fabrication plans with our carpenters, tradesmen and specialists to advise on any specialist elements of the project.

Trade Day –On-site measurements and Pre- Enter Site evaluation or Dilapidation report evaluation by our site team


Site Implementation

Mobilisation to site which includes protection laying and mobilizing our site team and equipment to site. Structural, wet works, electrical works, plumbing works, if any, commence

Cabinetry woodworks and joineries fabrication commences off-site to be delivered to site later for installation


All other contract works will take place simultaneously according to the agreed timeline


We will have weekly site meetings with the client to update progress and ensure quality checks

This is referred as the Mobilization and Site Implementation stage and will normally take 6-8 weeks depending on project complexities. More complex projects will take longer time



Pre-Handover Inspection Day (nearing completion). We have a dedicated day to walk through site with the client and our site team to inspect any deficiencies and resolve them.



Hand-over, Issue final invoice and thank you!

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