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Why Us?

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1 point Collaboration, Step-by-Step with Client

At Mil Design we serve to ensure strong collaboration across all stages.

The aim is to achieve the right aesthetics, functions, 'vibes' of the place and even down to the finer details such as feng sui requirements.

Through a participatory and collaborative relationship with the client, we work to understand expectations and work to wards achieving the final dream project.

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Our Own Carpentry Team, Attention to Details

It’s the smaller details that can set apart the true professionals from the rest, and at MIL Design we believe our attention to detail is second to none..


We pay rigorous attention to all aspects of our design and construction and give close consideration to our woodwork and joineries, as well as all building works.

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Sign-Off Process

We do 'paper - to - site method, we start from scratch design drawings and material specification to sign off with the Client before commencing to site implementation.

We believe this model offers enormous benefits to our clients, as it means we can provide unity, consistency and eliminate any guesswork from the process.

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Value Engineering

We believe that when it comes to design and construction, cost does not always equal quality. We’re passionate about creating clever spaces that keep costs down.

Through value engineering, we assist our clients to cross check on all materials and specs to achieve their ideal space and maintain design integrity, while simultaneously keeping within their budget requirements.

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Customized Eunique Design

The trends of home and urban office styling are ever-changing, and at MIL Design we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the very best support and guidance in relation to concepts, layout designs, styling, material palettes, artworks and furniture selections – even the finer details like carpet and décor to truly finish the look.

From luxurious contemporary styles, rustic mid-century styles, mixed electic, tropical modern, minimalist clean-lined to many, many more, we are always up to trends or timeless concepts

Our design philosophy is simple - your vision, your needs. And it’s our mission to help you achieve this.

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Multi Disciplinary

Our strong knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in all aspects of design & build works include not just interior architecture but also M&E, landscape & hardscape designs, lightings, acoustics, graphics and branding integration to the project.


We believe this trully benefits our clients as a one-point contact to complete from A-Z.

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