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Founded in 2010, MIL Design and Construction is an award winning  interior and build company that is dedicated to thoughtful designs with a core mission to transform spaces into captivating stories and human driven touches. Co founded by husband and wife duo Edward Lye (Murdoch, Australia) and Mak Mil Yung (RMIT, Australia) the company brings together an impressive collective experience of 25 years each in the fields of architecture and project delivery.

Be it residential or commercial ventures, MIL Design knows that their clients want something different and thrives on the pursuit of uniqueness, collaborating closely with clients to craft spaces that truly reflect their personality, individuality, and brand essence.

At the core of MIL Design's philosophy is the belief that every space should tell a story, touching hearts in a holistic manner. They see each project as an opportunity to craft a narrative, an experience, and to create spaces that evoke emotions.

Their dedicated team encompasses their very own carpenters, , project managers, specialized trade, technical teams and designers. Together, they design and customize projects from a scratch right from conception to completion, engaging with clients to understand their lifestyle and vision, sourcing the finest and executing every detail on site. This meticulous 'from paper to site' approach ensures unrivalled quality and delivers bespoke projects, almost like a well crafted piece of art.

MIL Design has won numerous awards on the global and local stage which included the home for Hollywood celebrity Mr Henry Golding of Crazy,Rich,Asian movie and a Learning Centre for autistic youths. MIL Design's impressive corporate clients include Avaland, Gamuda, Sunway, Tropicana, and Khazanah, Maldives among others.


Offering a comprehensive range of residential and commercial  services, their expertise extends both within Malaysia and internationally. We think spaces are like cheoreographed moments, creating and punctuating the flow with elements which provoke our senses, 'said Mil and Edward

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