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How to Maximize Space in Modern Bungalow Designs

Transforming the confined and cluttered spaces of modern bungalow house designs into expansive, luxurious areas can feel like a challenge. But what if we say that with the right mix of expert advice, innovative design ideas, and strategic planning, you could not just take up this challenge but rather love to do it?

Imagine walking into your bungalow home with large, airy spaces that speak of your lifestyle, making your house into a comfortable, stylish retreat.

Furniture and Layout Optimization

Although furniture isn’t strictly part of interior design, it’s still an important component of your house. Choosing furniture of the right size can either make or break your spacious living room design. The experts suggested choosing modern pieces that match the size of the room. This way, you get a stylish and roomy feel without sacrificing luxury.

With space planning- which determines the character and feel of the house, you get the rising ceilings and the widening of walls to make the rooms seem larger. 

Bed Room Tips

  • Go for a low-profile bed frame or a platform bed with storage underneath

  • Use multifunctional furniture like bedside tables with drawers and utilize under-bed storage

  • Place mirrors to make the room feel larger

Living Room Tips

  • Choose a slim-profile sectional or modular sofa 

  • Pair it with a transparent or glass coffee table

  • Use rugs to define spaces

Shower Room Tips

  • Install a frameless glass enclosure 

  • Look for a floating vanity to maximize space

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Kitchen Tips

  • Pick sleek cabinets with glass doors and compact appliances

  • Illuminate with under-cabinet and pendant lighting 

Lighting and Colour Scheme

Do you ever know how maximising natural light and incorporating reflective surfaces can open up your space? 

Mirrors bounce light everywhere, making every corner of the spacious home design feel brighter and infinitely more open. This is how some mixed rice restaurants utilise this strategy that we might see a lot in life.

Consider the following light fittings to make your bungalow look bigger:

  • Use crystal/glass chandeliers and pendant lights to scatter light throughout the space

  • Install wall sconces with mirrored backplates

  • Place LED strip lights behind mirrors or furniture edges for indirect lighting

Using the same colours all over the space helps blend different areas together. This is very important for making bungalow house design or spacious living room design feel bigger. When colours match, it's harder to see where one room ends and another begins, making everything seem larger!

For more tips about how to utilise colour scheme in creating spacious home design.

Functional Décor and Storage Solutions

Multifunctional furniture and storage solutions comprise the basic components of the minimalist yet functional for spacious room design. They are smartly integrated to bring about an effortlessly clean look, which is very important for your bungalow to look spacious. 

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Hidden Storage Compartments:

  • Coffee tables with hidden storage compartments to store magazines, remote controls, and other small items.

  • Ottomans with hidden storage to store blankets, pillows, or shoes, keeping them out of sight and maintaining a tidy space.

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Wall-Mounted Furniture:

  • Wall-mounted folding desks that can be easily folded up when not in use, saving valuable floor space in compact areas.

  • Wall-mounted folding tables provide additional workspace when needed and can be conveniently folded away to free up space for other activities.

Textiles and Material Choices

Lift your bungalow house design by smartening your flooring and textile selections. The correct floor can change the appearance of space in your living room based on colour and material for openness.

In this case, the light, airy fabric and simple window setups will help obtain maximum natural light and assist you in making a spacious living room design. These are essentials of a modern bungalow setting that would be both airy and inviting at the same time.

Flooring Materials:

  • Light oak or ash hardwood flooring for an airy feel

  • Wool or sisal carpets/rugs in light colors for warmth and texture


Window Treatments:

  • Linen or cotton sheer curtains for maximum light and privacy

  • Voile or organza Roman shades contribute to the open feel of the space


  • Cotton or bamboo throws for added coziness 

  • Cushions with subtle patterns for visual interest


Creating a modern bungalow house that feels spacious requires careful planning and attention to detail at every step. While some focus on large furniture and light/color choices, the clever use of decorations, storage solutions, fabrics, and materials can make rooms appear bigger. 

For more inspiration on creating your dream spacious house design or to explore more about spacious room design, feel free to reach out to MIL DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION - we design with our hearts and look at all aspects in a holistic way from concept, function, sustainability, cost.

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Can these tips apply to Semi-Ds, apartments, or condos?

Yes. The tips can be adapted to various types of residences, including semi-Ds, apartments, and condos. These tips can be tailored to suit the specific characteristics and requirements of different types of properties. For a customised proposal, feel free to reach out to us!

Could you provide examples of bungalow renovations that successfully transformed small spaces into spacious retreats?

Can you recommend furniture styles for maximizing space in bungalows?

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