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Cyberjaya Ecoglades

Nestled in the heart of tranquility at The Botani Isle, Eco Glades, Cyberjaya,our latest creation is atestament to the art of harmonious living.

Designed for an extended family with adult children returning home, we embarked on a journey to transform

a house into a personalized sanctuary that’s both functional and captivating.

DYP_Mil Y_EcoGlades_003 (1).jpg

We divided the dining and living spaces with a striking black Marquine marble feature wall adorned with vibrant orange accents. This wall, not only an aesthetic masterpiece, also features a coffee and tea pantry for the health-conscious parents. It opens up to an inviting and lush green outdoor patio, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living.

DYP_Mil Y_EcoGlades_002.jpg
DYP_Mil Y_EcoGlades_006 (1).jpg

Understanding the dynamics of this unique family, where both generations work together in the same company, a home office became a vital necessity. The ground floor was meticulously crafted as the more public and entertainment zone, including the home office—a hub where productivity meets family bonding.

DYP_Mil Y_EcoGlades_007 (1).jpg
DYP_Mil Y_EcoGlades_014.jpg
DYP_Mil Y_EcoGlades_013.jpg
DYP_Mil Y_EcoGlades_017.jpg
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