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The brief called for designing a 320sqm apartment in Kuala Lumpur for a small family with a teenage son. As they entertain a lot, private-public spaces need to be carefully delineated as well as allow private nooks the family. We also wanted to weave into the design the owner’s vast collection of artwork, scarves and vintage plates for an added personal touch to the home.

Upon entering the apartment, the lounge and living space are designed to function separately yet offering a seamless appearance. Spanning the entire length of the apartment, the area features a long wall of dark timber trellis and shelves integrated with a concealed sliding door.

.This more casual lounge space is designed in a laid-back atmosphere of mismatched lounge chairs and ottomans. The contrasting materials such as black timbers, bronze mirror and bronze metal touches create interesting textures and play of shadows and lights. Lounge chairs in soft leather, and black marble consoles add to the play of texture palette. When closed, the sliding door completely conceals the more private family area and bedrooms

The second feature wall at the dining and foyer space is designed in a clean, ivory white look, in contrast to the darker timber. This feature contains similar trellis details but in moving foldable panels which conceal display shelves for the owner’s vintage plates collection.

This feature has been designed to cater to many purposes, and the doors are closed for day-to-day dining. During certain events, they open up as a feature display wall and serve as a glamorous backdrop for the dining space. The flow from the dining to the kitchen island creates a comfortable relationship. For enhanced privacy, the silver-toned timber screen with bronze slits block out the dining view from the entrance.

Setting a different tone to the rest of the home, the family cum TV area offers a funky yet chic space with a comfortable lounge and leather beanbags to sink into after a long day. This space is designed for the teenagers and friends to gather while the owner entertains.Chalkboards in hexagonal shapes turned walls into writable panels for an added touch of fun.

The master bedroom suite comes with a fully customised fabric panelling with brass trimming. As fengshui plays as important role, built-in cabinets are designed with tapered non-sharp edges. There are ample of concealed bags’ shelfs and a hidden dresser in the wardrobe space.

At the son’s room, a study and integrated daybed for reading and toys shelves are designed to suit a teen.

Reminiscent of an art gallery wall, the private lift lobby entrance features framed Hermes scarves from the owner’s collection, as unique pieces of artwork against a travertine marble wall as entrance statement.

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