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Jade Hill Blossom

This 3400 sqft 2-storey terrace home in Kuala Lumpur features chic living spaces mixed with mid-century accents and beautifully styled bedrooms for a family of five. The home is designed for day to day programs and modern lifestyles to integrate seamlessly for an urban family to live in. When we worked on the space planning we wanted to create private cozy moments for family bonding activities as well as open, entertaining spaces for larger home parties. Each bedroom is designed with a hotel suite concept complete with ensuite baths, built-in wardrobes and vanity tables while the kitchen and dining areas are designed as an open concept layout with a focus on converting these spaces to suit home entertaining. An attention to small detailing such as marble handles, bronze door knobs, velvet linings and luxe fabric paneling creates a bespoke touch to the home.


The ground floor is designed as the heart of entertaining realm where the living, dining and kitchen connects both spatially and visually in a similar design language. A subtle color palette of natural tones, clean lined designs, light marble textures and cream toned furniture are used to create a homely yet chic ambience. The sleek taupe lacquered kitchen especially oozes flexibility to suit busy owners who love throwing home parties or family gatherings. We had used movable panels which transform to a feature panel during home parties to hide the messy cooking counter, and slides back to convert back to a functional kitchen for everyday use.


A home study cum laundry room is designed to cater to the new norm of work-school-from-home where one does household chores while monitoring the little ones at online school.

The more private realms are located at the first floor. The main five bedrooms are designed like a self-sustained suite which features customized feature bedheads, soaring ceilings, ensuite baths and wardrobes and segregated lounge and sleep spaces to cater to different activities. The junior suite bedroom features modern mid-century accents and a meticulously detailed wardrobe to cater to a fashionista’s needs for varied accessory and jewelry displays and storage compartments.

We always call the upstairs family an in-between space, largely because nobody can really define how to use it. We see it as a more private family space than the living room on the ground floor, and this is where the family would cosy up for some TV time or lazing around with books or games on weekends. This are is designed with more casual styled furnitures, and pop colors from the scarlet red lounge sofa, and a long feature wall made up of bronze metal picture photo display shelves create a backdrop to this vibrant area.

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