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Jade Hills Enclave

This 3350 sqf limited edition Semi Dee home nestled in a green suburb in Jade Hills Kuala Lumpur is designed for an urban family with modern lifestyles with a focus on not just aesthetics but function and living in the post pandemic new norm.

Designed with a concept of Minimal Luxe using a palette of greige (grey and beige) colors, minimalist veined natural marbles with accents of mandarin accents and gold, attention to detailing is key for the design.


The house features 5 bedrooms, each done in a different theme and a full fledge Home Office taking the entire 3rd floor. Using natural materials like grey toned timber and minimalistic marbles with attention to unique detailing from cabinet handles down to customized marble light fittings, the design aims to achieve a quiet yet luxurious ambience for urban family living in the post pandemic conditions.

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When we worked on the space planning we wanted to create private cosy moments for family bonding activities as well as open, entertaining spaces for each family member to use efficiently. The open-concept kitchen with an18 feet long kitchen island cum coffee counter and 20 feet high ceilinged dining are designed with a focus for home entertaining where friends and family can gather around.

Concealed doors, concealed storages are cleverly integrated in all areas to keep the design clean lined. Outdoor balconies and garden patios are designed with casual furnitures and lightings to ensure maximize space function.

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