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JOVITA, Gamuda Gardens

Embracing pops of summer color accents like pumpkin orange and mustard yellow this link house nestled in the lush green suburbs of Gamuda Gardens greets one with vibrant yet soothing homely vibes . The client briefs had called for a unique concept,  looking away from the normal earth tone colors but rather exciting & vibrant colors.

Our design concept targets to design with a focus on not just aesthetics but function, readapting spaces 4 new lifestyles and to cater to a growing family living in the post pandemic of today. The existing architecture of the house comes with common areas like living dining kitchen and a bedroom on the ground floor. We proposed to design the ground floor room as a Wellness and Craft room for the family and the younger ones

A feature wall which comes with movable sliding doors convert this to either a closed storage shelf or opens up to a mirror  for yoga or are there Wellness activities.activity wall for memos, Children craft display and different types of table and storage compartments are integrated in the design , creating useful concealed storage and study table space at the same time

The master bedroom is designed with and island type bed head against a tinted glass panel. We created double wardrobe space for his and hers to maximize storage. Behind a tinted glass wall we  carved out long table nook, which acts as and additional vanity counter for the lady, or it could be used as a private workspace with ample of shelves for handbags, books or any knickknacks

A more relaxed tone off white, cream and gold accents is used in this room. Different lighting layers are used to create a relaxing ambience. On the other side huge wardrobe space is designed adjacent to the bathroom. Here a customized glass jewellery display cabinet it’s designed in sophisticated ivory tones and orange velvet, as well as along vanity counter with full height mirror

The sons room it’s designed with a feature wall bed head with an integrated study table, bookshelf and hidden storage. Using a more masculine color palette of grey, timber tones, and storm blue, we wanted to design a space for him 2 play games or just chill With his friends online. a cozy nook with a yellow rug, bean bags In blue and Gray leather and a mini fabric bench completes the look of this room

At the family area we designed it as a fun and cozy knock for the family 2 relax. Using mustard yellow, a dash of summer colors and a  Natural tones , a feature wall shelf provides lots of storage, a fridge , a table or pantry counterspace 4 family activities and to store board games and snacks. Here the family can chill over games on weekends

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